Condition of access to the Golf of Omaha Beach during the health emergency period

⚠️Condition access to the Gulf of Omaha Beach during the emergency period sanitaire⚠️

Dear members, dear friends,

Above all, we hope that you and your loved ones are in good health.
We will be delighted to see you again on Monday, May 11th on our courses held in very good condition thanks to the dedication and work of our gardeners.
The reception team will be in place to guide you through the new operations imposed by this exceptional situation. We ask you on your first course to retrieve your equipment from the caddy master and to keep it.

Due to the reopening of the Golf d’Omaha following the confinement period and considering the sanitary emergency period still in force in France, access to the Golf d’Omaha Beach is subject to the scrupulous application by players of the following instructions :

Access to the courses will be from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm for the 18 holes and until 4:00 pm for the 9 holes.
Only licensed players are allowed access to the golf course. No non-player companions will be accepted on the course or in the practice areas (driving range and putting green).

The principles of social distancing and barrier gestures apply to the entire right-of-way of the golf course, including parking.

A reservation is compulsory, with the names of all players, before being able to take a tee-off on the course. Reservations can only be made by phone during the reception opening hours or by internet and 48 hours maximum before departure. The departure time is imperative and must be taken at the scheduled time. You will have to sign at the reception desk the register of acceptance of these conditions, please bring your pen.

The club reserves the right to regroup the games.

You must go through the reception desk before you can access the course or the training areas, as well as at the end of the training session. The number of people inside the reception area is limited to 6.

Arrival at the club must be no more than 30 minutes before departure or the start of training.
The grouping of several games is forbidden before, during or after the course and each game must remain in its slot no matter what happens.

When you go to the pro-shop or the reception, bring your mask and an individual bottle of hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect your hands on the course if necessary.

The pro-shop will be open with the possibility to make purchases with gloves at your disposal. The fitting room will be disinfected after each use. The products not taken will be quarantined before being offered for sale again.

You will have the possibility to rent trolleys and carts, for the latter they will be individual or accepted for people from the same household.

On the course:
– A starter will be present at the level of the hut to regulate the departures and returns of the games. It is imperative that the starter crosses the level of the hut. The starter will have the right to refuse the departures for people who have not booked and are not on his list.
– From the tee to the hole, please scrupulously respect the distance of 2 meters between players.
– To avoid slow play, raise your ball more than 3 shots above par.
– As the rakes are removed from the course, please restore the bunkers as much as possible before leaving them.

On the green:
– The flags must remain in place and must not be removed under any circumstances. Players are invited to putts of less than 60 cm. In case the ball has entered, use your putter. The bogeys will be closed with cylindrical foam.

On the practice areas :
– Put the bucket of ball in the disinfection tank at the end of its use, respect the practice areas, the covered practice area is closed to the public. On the putting greens, the number of players will be limited by the reception, the distance between players must be the same as on the course, i.e. 2 metres. The small masts will not be in place, the principle of ball retrieval is the same as on the course.

We regret to impose all these measures, but the resumption of our game is linked to the strict application of this protocol, and hope that these measures will allow a normal resumption of the game in the coming weeks.
Failure to strictly apply this protocol is likely to result in administrative closure by the public authorities responsible for monitoring its application.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you again. 🏌️♀⛳️

Pascal Dupont and Jean-Marie Piranda
Manager of the Golf and President of the Sports Association

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